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New Coastal Enamel Series by Fresh West Silver. These are the lovely clear blue sky we forget is always there for us behind the storm clouds :)


These silver studs are slightly irregular circles at about 10-11mm in diameter and have lovely pale sky blue enamel over gorgeous beach stone texture with an irregular silver border to the edge. The combination of transparent colours and organic textures create rich interest.


These pieces have been given a matte finish.


Unfortunately earrings cannot be returned for hygiene reasons.


If this piece is out of stock, you may now pre-order a pair of these studs to be made by me especially for you. Please note the studs have an organic look (they are not perfect circles but perfectly imperfect!) The texturing and enamelling process will come out unique and ever so slightly different each time, making each pair unique.

Coastal Enamel Studs - Blue Sky is Always There

Piece will be made and despatched in 1-2 weeks (often faster but I cannot always guarantee)
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