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A beautiful rare little cobalt blue piece of Pembrokeshire sea glass open set in my signature style and hung with my handmade brass gorse flower charm on a recycled sterling silver bangle in a large size (2.75inch diameter bangle).


The last photo shows you how to measure your hand to see if this bangle will fit you, i.e., the straight line distance between the middle of each outside knuckle.


Ever bright and cheery, and seemingly always lining our coastline 'when gorse is out of bloom, kissing is out of fashion', the bright burst of sunshine yellow of the gorse flowers are a symbol of light and vibrancy and a reminder that joy and happiness can always be found even in the darker days where there's little other sign of life. Gorse flowers were strongly associated with the God of Light, Lugh, and seen as a symbol of love and fertility and traditionally used in bridal bouquets to ensure a happy marriage.


My original gorse flower charm combined with the old broken glass that has been tossed around by the sea for many years to be only made more beautiful in its final form is a powerful combination of symbolism!

Rare Sea Glass Charm Bangle L